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Adding Warmth with Wood Window Treatments

We look everywhere around us for inspiration, and just one of those many places is the great outdoors. One key aspect of good interior design practices is incorporating themes. This means including elements of your inspirational source, rather than an image of the source itself. Instead of a picture of a tree, you might include more rustic, natural décor items, like wood furniture, neutral colors, or wooden window treatments—the focus of our blog today! At Exciting Windows, we love helping people discover beautiful interior décor through the power of window treatments. This month on the blog, we’re unpacking a few of our favorite wooden window treatments perfect for creating a warm atmosphere, which is especially welcoming during those cold Alaskan winters.

Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Wood Shades Anchorage, Alaska (AK) adding warmth wood window treatments, wood blinds.

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

Crafted from bamboos, reeds, grasses, and natural woods, Provenance® Woven Wood Shades bring a touch of nature to your windows in this simple roller shade. Enhance your space with organic style and subtle visual interest. Incorporating textures into your décor is a reliable way to make your space feel more alive, layered, and can even add a sense of depth. Provenance® features several styles, including Roman, waterfall Roman, and vertical drapery. Provenance® wood window treatments fit cleanly into a custom headrail of stunning aluminum that creates a mixed media appearance that’s contemporary and stylish. Customize your lighting even further with the option to add a light-filtering or room-darkening liner.

Parkland® Wood Blinds

Made from 100% authentic hardwood blinds from sustainably managed forests, this classic wood window treatment brings the sturdiness of trees to your windows. Parkland® Wood Blinds feature a stunning selection of high-quality stains and premium paints that are sure to complement any interior décor taste. With so many options, including slat sizes, colors, and operating systems, it’s easy to get a unique appearance with the same product in every room. Hardwood blinds add value to your home by improving energy efficiency, making it easier to keep a consistent temperature all while ensuring your privacy. De-Light™ construction eliminates up to 50% more incoming light compared to typical blinds, which makes a noticeable difference in high-latitude locations like Alaska.

PowerView® Automation

Transform your wood window treatments with genius motorization technology from Hunter Douglas. Control your blinds from anywhere in your home with the convenient PowerView® smartphone app or Pebble® remote. Manage every room’s lighting from one location and program unique lighting profiles for every part of your home. PowerView® even features adaptive lighting technology. Your motorized blinds will sync with your local sunrise and sunset times, which makes it a breeze to maximize energy efficiency even with highly variable sunlight throughout the year. PowerView® Automation is safe for kids to boot! With no visible wires, batteries, or cords, it incorporates smoothly into your home without fussy technology getting in the way.


Discover the possibilities through the power of great window treatments. For over 21 years, we’ve been helping customers beautify their homes with wood window treatments, wood blinds, and plenty more. Let’s work together to create a home you love to spend time in. Contact us or call us at (907) 349-6464 to schedule a free in-home consultation. You can also come to check out these stunning window treatments in action at our showroom in Anchorage, AK. In addition to Anchorage, we proudly service Eagle River and Girdwood, AK.