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Draperies and Side Panels from Hunter Douglas

Add Drama and Function to Your Bedroom Windows with Hunter Douglas Draperies and Side Panels

The ways you can customize your window treatments are almost endless. For every home design, there’s a window fashion to suit. What most people don’t consider, however, is that you don’t have to choose just one. You can customize the window treatment to the room by changing up the type, color, and pattern and even layer window treatments for increased depth. Add colorful side panels to crisp, neutral roller shades, or choose sheer draperies for softness and room-darkening roman shades for practicality.

VignetteⓇ Roman Shades near Anchorage, Alaska (AK)and Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Draperies

At Exciting Windows! By MiniBlind King, we are particularly excited about the possibilities of Design Studio™ Draperies and Side Panels from Hunter Douglas. Available in hundreds of trendy colors and patterns, including designs developed exclusively for Hunter Douglas by featured artists Rebecca Atwood, Marcie Bronkar, and Seema Krish, you’ll never be short of options to make your home both beautiful and personalized.

Why You’ll Love Hunter Douglas Draperies and Side Panels


Whether you added them yourself or they came already installed in your home, it isn’t always practical to change your primary window treatment. There are also those restless style explorers among us who love to experiment with different colors, patterns, and textures in their homes. Whatever your reason may be, adding draperies or side panels to your window treatments gives you a chance to explore your personal style in a fun and flexible way.

Add bright, flowy side panels to a kid’s room without sacrificing the blackout shades you already have (and need for naptime and bedtime). Pair the pre-existing shutters in your bedroom with long, rich draperies that reflect your love of jewel tones and drama. Make a short room feel taller by adding floor-to-ceiling side panels to frame your window. Or select new shades and draperies at the same time to create a living room treatment that leaves the palette neutral while playing with textures. 


Another great reason to add Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Draperies and Side Panels to your window treatments is to add functionality to your form. Many window treatments that come with homes are not ideal for all situations, such as blinds perforated with cord holes and shutters that cover only the bottom half of tall windows. In situations where you need to add further privacy and light control, selecting draperies with a blackout lining can be ideal. They look beautiful and block the light leakage that other window treatments can let through. Layering is also great for rooms where you want a primarily light-filtering treatment like window shadings or sheer roller shades but need extra privacy at night. With Design Studio™ Draperies as a backup, you never have to sacrifice the window treatments you want (or already have) for the functionality you need.

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