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Automatic Window Shades

If there is one upgrade that can transform the usability and performance of your home's window shades, it's motorization. Modern advancements in motorized operating systems like PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas imbue countless benefits on the homeowners with the foresight to invest in them. You can easily control motorized window treatments with PowerView in many ways, including a handheld remote, wall panel, online app, integration into home assistant or smart home programs, and automated scheduling. For those looking for the ultimate in hand-off efficiency and optimal performance, the automated options available through PowerView are a great fit. And, since this system is available on a range of window treatment types, including drapery, Roman shades, roller shades, cellular shades, and vertical treatments, you don't have to sacrifice your style for the state-of-the-art amenities of automatic window shades.

Automatic Window Shades, Motorized Window Treatments, Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation near Anchorage, Alaska (AK)

Automated for Convenience

The automatic scheduling option on PowerView makes any shades easier and more convenient to use. Hard-to-reach shades no longer have to be manually reached with automatic window shades - no more daily commitment to opening, adjusting, and closing shades throughout the day. In fact, instead of drawing time from your daily schedule, automatic window shades can enrich your daily routine; for example, waking up to natural light by using your motorized window treatments like an organic alarm clock. And while the convenience of automatic window shades is a premium benefit for homeowners, the accessible usability does not negatively affect their overall performance.

Automated for Better Energy Efficiency 

By automating your home's window shades with a system like PowerView, you can increase the overall energy efficiency of your home. Intelligently using motorized window treatments can help homeowners control solar light and heat entering their homes. By using each element strategically to lessen the need for artificial lighting or climate control (heating and cooling), homeowners can expect more consistent interior temperatures with a smaller monthly price tag.

Automated for Privacy & Security 

Automatic window shades can give homeowners peace of mind no matter where they are. That's because automatic window shades can protect residents' privacy at home and the security of the building when they are away. For example, when it comes to privacy, you can schedule your motorized bedroom shades to close before you start your bedtime routine automatically. Then you never have to worry again that you've left a shade open for prying eyes when your PowerView system can be programmed to remember for you. In addition, while away, utilize automatic window shades to create the look of occupancy to deter thieves. And with global internet access, you never have to lose connection with what's happening at home.

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Learn more about the fantastic advancements in automatic window shades from Hunter Douglas by contacting Exciting Windows. Talking with our design team, we can help you explore the benefits that PowerView can have for your home. Once you're ready to move forward, we can customize and install the perfect automatic window shades that are utterly convenient to use and beautiful to look at. Exciting Windows is located near Anchorage, AK, and serves residents in Eagle River, Girdwood, and the greater Anchorage area. Request a consultation today.