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Motorization Is Worth the Upgrade by Hunter Douglas

Motorization is the latest trend in window treatments, which has everyone asking: is motorization really worth it? When it comes to PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas, the short answer is “yes.” We know you didn’t come for the short answer, though, so here are just a few of the reasons we think you should add PowerView® to all your capable Hunter Douglas window treatments.

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Ease of Use

The most obvious reason to love PowerView® Automation is how easy it makes it to use the full functionality of your window treatments. No more wrestling with cords or wasting long minutes going around the house to close up for the night. Instead, just push a button on the Pebble® Remote and let the motors do the work for you. Better yet, don’t even pick up the remote – just open up the PowerView® App on your smartphone or tablet. It can’t get easier than that, right? Actually, it can. Since PowerView® is compatible with popular home automation systems, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, you can even use voice commands to open and close your Hunter Douglas window treatments.

Access Hard-to-Reach Windows

Motorization is great on any window, but it is a game-changer for skylights and upper windows in rooms with vaulted ceilings. Without it, these windows are often considered unsuitable for window treatments at all, even in rooms that really need them. Leaving them uncovered makes your home less energy efficient, less private, and the constant light source makes things such as watching Saturday morning movies in that room less enjoyable. Adding window treatments with PowerView® Automation to these windows makes it simple to take control of the lighting, privacy, and energy efficiency of your home.

Get The Most Out of Your Investment

Motorization is an extra cost, naturally. What most homeowners don’t consider when they worry about adding motorization is the value. What they do not know is that they are currently losing by not fully utilizing their current window treatments. Any window covering increases the energy efficiency of your home, but cellular shades such as Duette® Honeycomb Shades greatly improve the results. If you aren’t closing your cellular shades during the heat of the day or cold winter nights, you’re losing that benefit. With PowerView® Automation, you can actually schedule your window treatments to open and close at particular times of day so that you maximize the benefits of both clear view-through and insulation. You’ll get the energy efficiency you desire without either struggling to adjusting your shades frequently or leaving them closed but losing out on the views you love.

Child Safety

It’s important to eliminate dangling cord loops on window treatments in homes with small children and pets. Hunter Douglas offers a variety of cordless systems that are an improvement over a corded option, such as Ultraglide®, SimpleLift™, and LiteRise®. Why stop there, though? PowerView® Automation offers not only the safety of cordless adjustments and wire free power supply options. It also gives you all the convenience of modern technology. It’s a win-win situation that’s hard to resist.

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