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Tips for Window Coverings for High Windows near Anchorage, AK

When you look at the windows in your home, are you looking up at a high, hard to reach window? While the aesthetics of high windows add richness to home interiors, dressing them can prove problematic due to their unreachable elevation. So, let us help you when shopping for new window coverings for high windows with smart and stylish tips for dressing the hard to reach but hard to miss, high windows in your home.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Side Panels and Drapery in a tall window near Anchorage, Alaska (AK)

5 Tips for Customizing Window Coverings for High Windows

1. Upgrade to Motorization

For high windows or hard to reach windows, motorization can be a needed upgrade to make the treatments more accessible. In lieu of installing extended lines or wands to open or close window coverings for high windows, opt instead for the convenient access of systems like PowerView® Automation that can be controlled with our handheld Pebble® remote, wall panel, or smartphone-enabled PowerView® app. There are motorized operating systems compatible with almost every type of window treatment, and you’ll see PowerView® on a variety of models including drapery, cellular honeycomb shades, and interior shutters.

2. Use Proportions to Your Benefit

High windows often have a very dramatic look adding architectural interest and natural sunlight. Be sure the treatments you are using are aesthetically strong enough to hold up in the space. Drapery, some styles designed to run floor to ceiling, stand up to the demands of window coverings for high windows with elevated style. The Design Studio™ collection of drapery and side panels includes multiple designer fabric lines from modern textile artists for the latest in contemporary interior design apt for treatments on your highest windows.

3. Consider Insulation

It doesn’t matter if the window is high or low, all windows can benefit from the insulating power of cellular honeycomb shades. Glass panes are some of the biggest culprits of energy inefficiency in a home allowing the unwanted transfer of energy in or out of the home. During summers you lose cooling AC, in the winters you’re fighting to keep the cold out. Honeycomb shades use a cellular design to trap air and create an insulating layer, so any window in the home (including high windows) can be transformed into a force for energy efficiency.

4. Custom Fit Counts

Fit counts on high windows that will only call attention to any imperfections if shades are measured, made, or installed incorrectly. And with many high windows having special shapes, like arches, you need a style of window covering for high windows that can be customized into different shapes. Interior wood and vinyl shutters can be tailored into a range of specialty shapes to cater to the unique window shapes in your home, and they also allow for cut-out details around window cranks and air conditioners. Hunter Douglas has models of plantation style shutters that can be crafted into the following window shapes:

  • Arches and Half Circles
  • Angles and Top/Bottom Sloped
  • Circles
  • Corner Windows
  • Hexagons
  • Octagons
  • Ovals
  • Trapezoids

5. Trust the Experts

As with any decision if you’re unsure about your choices there is only one thing to do, ask our experts. Afterall, that’s what we are here for and it’s what we’re good at! Armed with product knowledge and industry insights into the latest trends for window coverings for high windows and more, let our team be your guide.

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In the greater Anchorage area, the design team at Exciting Windows by Miniblind King is ready to help you find your next set of window coverings for high windows. Request a consultation today to discuss all the options open to you in the Hunter Douglas collection. Exciting Windows is located near Anchorage, Alaska, and serves residents in Eagle River, Girdwood, and the greater Anchorage area.