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Updating Bedroom Drapery near Anchorage, AK

Trends for bedroom window treatments often fluctuate between super stylized and hyper functional. Custom bedroom drapery, however, lies in the very middle with both visual appeal and the ability to block light and provide privacy. And in the Hunter Douglas collection of Design Studio™ Side Panels & Drapery, homeowners will find a plethora of design options for custom drapery including exclusive upgrades that elevate style and enhance performance. So read on to discover the many benefits that custom bedroom drapery could have for your home with our list of the top 3 trends that will modernize style and optimize operation.

Hunter Douglas Side Panels and Drapery in a bright bedroom near Anchorage, Alaska (AK)

3 Trends for Updating Bedroom Drapery

1. Using Fabrics with Organic Undertones

If you’re onboard for the nature-based trends in contemporary interior design, like using raw wood and abundant greenery, fabrics with organic elements used in bedroom drapery add supporting visual elements with both sophistication and functionality. In the Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ collection exclusive designer fabrics from Rebecca Atwood have a subtle aquatic motif thanks to the artist’s unique hand-painting and hand-stamping techniques. There are also beautiful botanical prints by Seema Krish in her globally inspired fabric collection and updated florals from Marcie Bronkar with a modern aesthetic and bold color palette.

2. Upgrading to Motorization

Bedroom drapery updated with motorized operating system are the height of performance and convenience. With advanced systems like PowerView® Automation, you can wake up to natural morning sunlight with scheduled operation and count on privacy round the clock with easy and universal access to your home’s window treatments. Motorization offers convenient control for any window treatment, even those on hard-to-reach windows, ensuring proper performance at the touch of a finger for optimal control. That’s because bedroom drapery that utilizes PowerView® Automation can be controlled through a handheld remote, wall panel, online app, or through linking the system to your existing smart home system.

3. Creating Multi-Tiered Design

Add depth and textural dimension to your window shades by creating one-of-a-kind layered window treatments. Start with a hard base layer (for example shutters or blinds) then add full drapery over top and finish with a custom valance or cornice. This multi-layer set-up ensures light is fully blocked as the treatments will work together to control light each complimenting the vulnerabilities of the other shade. Simultaneously, the layered design will also create a visually dynamic look that draws the eye. You can also ensure that no one else on the block will have the same window treatments in their home with seemingly limitless combinations of textiles and designs to explore within the Hunter Douglas collection.

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