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10 Ways Motorized Shades Elevate your Home

The contemporary era of home décor and design continually brings about new technologies and advancements that amplify the comfort, aesthetic appeal, productivity, and overall value of our homes. Among these innovations is the transition from conventional window shades to motorized versions, offering a multitude of practical and aesthetic benefits to every homeowner.

Hunter Douglas shades equipped with PowerView® Automation hanging in sitting room windows near Anchorage, AK

PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas is leading the way in this transformation, offering Alaskan homeowners an array of options that satisfy their thirst for novel, practical, and beautiful motorized shades.

We'll explore 10 ways motorized shades can elevate the value, convenience, and beauty of your home:

1. Child and Pet Safety

Safety within our homes is paramount, particularly for families with small children and pets. Traditional corded shades can pose a potential hazard; however, motorized shades are cordless, eliminating this risk altogether, and creating a safer environment for all occupants.

2. Optimized Energy Efficiency

Often, we forget or neglect to adjust our window shades correctly or consistently, impacting their overall performance. The simplicity of automated scheduling and the stress-free operation of motorized shades encourage more consistent and precise use, optimizing energy efficiency and leading to potential savings on utilities and heating or cooling costs.

3. Easy Access for hard-to-reach windows

Every home has hard-to-reach windows that can be a hassle to manage. PowerView® motorized shades are controllable through the PowerView® Pebble® remote, PowerView® App, or PowerView® Gateway, giving you multiple, easily accessible ways to adjust your window treatments whenever and wherever you need to.

4. Smart Home Compatibility

The adoption of smart home technologies is increasing at a rapid pace. PowerView® motorized shades are designed to be compatible with many smart home and home assistant programs, including Amazon Alexa, Google home, and more, allowing for easy integration into modern households.

5. Home Security During Absences

Vacant homes can appear inviting to potential intruders. However, by programming your PowerView® motorized shades to open and close at different times during your time away, you project an impression that someone is still home, adding a layer of security for your property.

6. Customized Aesthetics

PowerView® caters to a variety of decor preferences by offering a plethora of styles and designs. Whether you prefer cellular shades, sheer shades, Roman shades, roller shades, Venetian and vertical blinds, shutters, drapery, or woven wood shades, they can be equipped with a motorization solution that suits your home aesthetics and personal style.

7. Worldwide Control

The PowerView® App empowers homeowners with real-time control over their motorized shades from any location worldwide. As long as you have internet access and the app, you’ll be able to control your window treatments.

8. Protection from Sun Damage

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can lead to the degradation of household items such as furniture, flooring, fabrics, and wall paint. With the motorized shades consistently blocking harmful sun rays, your belongings are well-protected from sun damage.

9. Controlled Ambience

Your room’s ambience is significantly influenced by natural sunlight. PowerView® motorized shades provide the precision to manipulate this light, creating an ambiance best suited for your everyday activities, events, or personal preferences.

10. Guaranteed Privacy

Our daily routines demand varying levels of privacy, especially during activities like morning preparations or late-night movie streaming. PowerView® system offers programmable options that sync the operation of your motorized shades with your day-to-day schedule, ensuring privacy whenever needed.

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The benefits of motorized shades with PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas are vast and versatile. Experts at Exciting Windows are ready to guide you through varied window treatment options and help create customized motorized shades for your home. Based in Anchorage, Exciting Windows extends its services to the greater Anchorage area, including Eagle River and Girdwood, AK. Don't hesitate to request a consultation today - the future of smart, stylish, and functional window dressing awaits!