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Comparing Modern Shutter Styles

When looking into modern shutter styles, it's easy to see that choice is not a limiting factor. The problem is understanding those different choices available in a meaningful way that fully allows you to make the right one when purchasing new shutters. So, we enlisted our team at Exciting Windows to help you explore the differences in the modern shutter styles offered by Hunter Douglas, specifically comparing their three plantation-style shutters:

Tan Hunter Douglas Heritance® Hardwood Shutters accenting a modern living room near Anchorage, AK

Comparing Materials

The first way we often compare interior shutters is by their base material. Hunter Douglas has three plantation-style shutters, each made from a different base material: wood shutters, faux-wood composite shutters, and vinyl shutters. Wood shutters inherit the natural attributes of organic wood, including its strength, acoustic properties, and innate charm. Building on wood shutters, faux-wood composite shutters incorporate the stunning looks of natural wood but elevate their durability with man-made materials. Lastly, the use of vinyl for shutters imbues the treatment with elevated levels of moisture and UV resistance while staying true to the core aesthetics of wood and faux wood shutters.

Comparing Style Choices

To make a new set of shutters seamlessly fit into your home, explore the custom style features that can be tailored to your personal preferences. All three types of Hunter Douglas shutters come with a choice of louver size (small 2 ½", medium 3 ½", or large 4 ½") that affect the look and performance of shutters. Larger louver sizes boast a better view and modern aesthetic, while smaller louver sizes provide better privacy and carry the treatment's classic style into modern homes. Color is another central style element that homeowners can customize to personalize aesthetics. Even when sticking to a neutral palette, there is a wide selection of Hunter Douglas shutters, from natural wood tones to bold neutral hues like iridescent white and rich brown.

Room by Room Comparison

You might see shutters used in any number of rooms within a home, but that doesn't mean any modern shutter styles will work in all rooms. Whether it's because of performance features or aesthetic customizations, certain styles of interior shutters are better suited in different rooms of the home. Here are our favorite rooms to use the different types of shutters in:

  • Wood Shutters:
    • Bedrooms
    • Dining rooms
  • Faux-Wood Composite Shutters:
    • Home office
    • Children's room
  • Vinyl Shutters:
    • kitchens
    • bathrooms

Comparing Operating Systems

The different operating systems for modern shutter styles have numerous benefits for different homes. For households with young children, the cord-free design that uses a front, back, or hidden tilt bar makes shutters a child-safe option. Vertical applications from Hunter Douglas transform wood shutters, faux-wood shutters, or vinyl shutters into modern options for door coverings over patio, sliding glass, or French doors. For the latest motorization, vinyl shutters from Hunter Douglas can be outfitted with PowerView® Automation.

Work with our team of window treatment experts to explore the options available for modern shutter styles by Hunter Douglas to find the superlative style for your home. Exciting Windows helps homeowners in Eagle River, Girdwood, and the greater Anchorage area shop, customize, and install new shutters from their conveniently located showroom near Anchorage, Alaska. Request a consultation today to start getting new shutters in your home.