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Door Coverings for the Modern Alaskan Home

It's estimated that the average American home has 10 to 14 interior doors and at least two doors that lead to the outside world. That's a lot of doors, and while many interior doors are solid and don't need coverings, almost all exterior doors will do much better with treatments, especially if they have any windows. The same goes for any interior French doors if privacy is needed in that room. In the Hunter Douglas collection of window treatments, homeowners will also find styles that work as door coverings, including custom drapery, sheer shades, blinds, cellular shades, and shutters. So, no matter what type of door you have or how many there are, you can find excellent treatments to cover them all while still holding to your home's interior design aesthetic.

Hunter Douglas window treatments decorating French doors in a modern home near Anchorage, AK

Door Coverings for Sliding Glass Doors

The challenge with dressing sliding glass doors is not only that they traverse side-to-side, which contrasts with most types of window coverings with an up-down orientation, but that their sheer size necessitates large and often heavy coverings that can be difficult to operate. To combat these challenges, designers fabricated vertically orientated shades that embody the best of their horizontal counterparts but with a vertical alignment.

  • Luminette® Sheer Panels: A shade for sliding glass doors that maximizes its performance by drawing on elements of sheer shades for light control, vertical blinds for side-to-side movement, and drapery for a flowing aesthetic.
  • Skyline® Panel-Track Blinds: A modern incarnation of blinds that use fabric-wrapped panels in lieu of vertical vanes to create visually stunning door or window coverings that move side-to-side on a built-in track system.

Door Coverings for French Doors

French doors need door coverings that can be installed on the door itself so that they don't interfere with the motion of the door when it swings open or shut. French door coverings also need to be customizable in shape so that they can be fitted around French door hardware or functional features like door handles.

  • Duette® Cellular Shades: All the insulating power of cellular honeycomb shades available with a vertical operating system that make them compatible with French doors and especially ideal for exterior French doors to maintain the energy efficiency of a room.
  • Heritance® Wood Shutters: The hard louvers of interior shutters are easy to form around features like doorknobs or window cranks for custom-made door coverings that work perfectly in the space.

Door Coverings Suitable for All Doors

For nearly universal applications over all types of doors, you can't go wrong with custom drapery. That's because drapes have such incredible flexibility when it comes to installation and can be fitted to cover entire walls floor-to-ceiling or individual windows as small as 36" x 24". Custom drapery also works in layered door coverings that utilize multiple treatments to create an elevated window, such as drapery with cellular shades for French doors.

  • Design Studio™ Custom Drapes: Exclusive designer fabrics headline the massive collection of modern textiles for custom drapery in the Design Studio collection.
  • Provenance® Woven Wood Vertical Drapery: The natural beauty of woven textiles made from organic materials like wood, grass, reeds, and bamboo crafted into vertical drapery for eye-catching style with the serene undertones of nature.

Dress the doors of your home with style from the modern selection of vertical treatments in the Hunter Douglas collection, from custom drapery to the latest in vertical blinds. Visit the showroom at Exciting Windows, located near Anchorage, Alaska, to shop the full collection and talk with design experts about custom door coverings for your home. You can also request a consultation for more information. Exciting Windows serves the greater Anchorage area and Eagle River, and Girdwood, AK.