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Strong Lines from Soft Window Treatments

Linear features in internal décor have powerful effects. They can draw and direct the eye, impacting how we see a room. And we can use lines everywhere, in architectural elements or decorative patterns, as well as flooring, furniture, and window shades. Lines not only affect the look of the room, but they can also influence the ambiance. For example, horizontal lines often evoke a sense of authority and stability while zigzag lines convey excitement, and vertical lines the feelings of grandeur and elegance. So, when shopping for new window treatments, consider not only the type of light control you need at home but also the way the linear features of common window treatments will affect a home's mood and style. For a modern take on linear design, we love the way soft textiles play against hard linear features in soft window treatments like banded shades, sheer shades, and drapery.

Soft Window Treatments, Zebra Shades, Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades near Anchorage, Alaska (AK)

3 Soft Window Treatments with Strong Linear Features

  1. Banded Shades: Sometimes called zebra shades because of the alternating sheer and solid textiles that mimic the animal's distinctive striping effect, banded shades have a strong horizontal linear pattern. This soft window treatment works on a roller unit that adjusts the layers of banded material to provide more privacy or more of a view as needed. Homeowners with Designer Banded Shades can choose from a variety of colors and geometric patterns for easy customization.
  2. Sheer Shades: Sheer shades create an alluring, linear style by mixing ethereal sheer materials with complementary opaque textiles. The alternating fabrics create the strong linear element in these soft window treatments, and they also give homeowners precise light control as the opaque bands can be used to let in more or less light. The Hunter Douglas collection has horizontal and vertical sheer window treatments, including Silhouette® Sheer Shades, Pirouette® Sheer Shades, and Luminette® Sheer Panels.
  3. Drapery: Fabrics used for drapery have a natural flow that gives movement to linear patterns adding visual intrigue and bringing the linear design feature to life within the space. In the Design Studio™ Drapes and Side Panels collection, discerning homeowners will find a variety of designer fabrics with linear patterns. Check out the Rebecca Atwood fabric collection, specifically Garden Stripe and Dotted Stripe, or from the Semma Krish collection; the fabrics Straits and Waves create eye-catching linear designs on stylish soft window treatments.

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