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Warm Up Your Home with Wood Window Blinds

There's a reason wood window blinds have been a popular residential window treatment for centuries, as well as why Alaskan homeowners today continue to invest in this style of window covering. It's because the environmental control you gain and the warm, welcoming ambiance of wood blinds for windows create a highly useful and stylish window covering option.

Hunter Douglas Parkland® Wood Blinds decorating and warming up a home interior near Anchorage, AK

Hunter Douglas has both wood and faux wood window blinds in their collection of modern window treatments, and our team is looking at the advantages of both of these blind options and how they can make your home look and feel warmer and more inviting.

Hunter Douglas Faux Wood & Wood Window Blinds

In the Hunter Douglas collection of blinds, homeowners will find wood and faux window blinds. While both styles strive for elevated aesthetics and the best in modern advancement and design attributes, each has unique features for homeowners to consider.

  • Parkland® Wood Blinds: Made from genuine hardwood, Parkland® Wood Blinds offer a rich and luxurious look with over 50 paint colors and wood stain options. Customize Hunter Douglas wood window blinds with 2- or 2.5-inch vanes. And for Alaskan homeowners interested in sustainability, Hunter Douglas makes a donation to The Arbor Day Foundation® for each wood blind purchased.
  • EverWood® Faux Wood Blinds: Taking the classic look of wood window blinds and fortifying them with Performance Plus™ Protection, EverWood® Faux Wood Blinds are safeguarded against discoloration, color fade, bowing, cracking, and warping of their vanes. Like wood blinds, faux wood window blinds are available with either 2-inch or 2.5-inch vanes for a classic or modern look.

Advanced Upgrades for Wood & Faux Wood Window Blinds

With Hunter Douglas wood and faux wood blinds, homeowners can choose the operating system for their window treatments. Beyond a simple pull cord, these advanced operating systems help improve efficiency and increase user convenience with features designed with the homeowner in mind.

  • PowerView® Automation: For motorized blinds, PowerView® Automation offers homeowners the ease of control through a handheld remote, voice activation with an existing home assistant program, online with the PowerView® app, or through full integration with a smart home system.
  • LiteRise®: Push up or pull down on the bottom rail of your faux wood or wood window blinds to position the shade at any level. The LiteRise® system has a clean, chic look with no dangling cords.
  • SimpleLift™: A child-friendly option with a button push to raise and lower the wood or faux window blinds. SimpleLift™ is also compatible with the PowerView® system.

Vertical Applications for Window Faux Wood Blinds

While we've all seen wood blinds used over windows for environmental control, did you know that Hunter Douglas also offers vertical blinds? For swinging doors like French doors, blinds can be installed directly on the door itself to accommodate the swinging motion. With the ability to cover doors or larger windows, wood window blinds can help create a coordinated look throughout your home.

Wood Blinds for Windows with Specialty Shapes

Suppose your Alaskan home is blessed with specialty windows. In that case, blinds can be a unifying option for window treatments as their hard vanes are easily tailored to meet numerous specialty shapes and varying sizes, including:

  • Bay windows
  • Corner windows
  • Cut-outs shapes
  • Arched windows
  • Angled windows

Hunter Douglas Wood Window Blinds near Anchorage, AK

Continue the conversation about wood and faux wood window blinds with our team at Exciting Windows by reaching out to request a consultation now. We'll help you find and customize the best style of Hunter Douglas faux wood or wood blinds for windows in your Alaskan home. Exciting Windows is located near Anchorage, Alaska, and serves the greater Anchorage area and the surrounding communities of Eagle River and Girdwood.