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The Best Window Coverings for Winter

What does winter mean in Alaska? Almost nothing but cold weather. Snow, ice, and polar winds – of course. No Alaskan homeowner is naive to the bone-chilling perils and challenges of winter, but what may surprise you are the varied and diverse options for winter window coverings from Hunter Douglas and Exciting Windows by Mini Blind King that can not only help you keep that winter weather out of your home but enjoy the serene beauty of the snowscapes too.

white Hunter Douglas Duette® Cellular shades covering two large windows in a home near Anchorage, AK

The Best Window Coverings for Winter

  1. Duette® Cellular Shades: For some of the best insulating shades on the market, look no further than Duette® Cellular Shades from Hunter Douglas. These insulating window covers use air pockets built into the shade to interrupt the unwanted energy transfer through exposed windowpanes and glass doors. This means heat is kept in, and the cold winter weather is kept out to create a cozy, comfortable interior environment.
  2. Sonnette® Roller Shades: Our favorite hybrid option for window covers for winter has to be Sonnette® Roller Shades. These modern insulating shades combine the sleek style of roller shades and the insulating design of cellular shades for the best of both treatments. Alaskan homeowners can enjoy better energy efficiency with Sonnette® Roller Shades, which translates into lower energy costs thanks to the shade’s ability to decrease wasted heat lost out unprotected windows and block unwanted, temperature-dropping elements from entering the home.
  3. Carole Fabrics™ Custom Drapes: A window cover for winter should, of course, help with temperature control, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. With Hunter Douglas custom drapes, homeowners can combine an insulating design that utilizes heavier fabrics and back liners with eye-catching prints, patterns, and textiles in the Hunter Douglas fabric library.
  4. PowerView® Automated Shades: Even if you have the best insulating shades available, they won’t help keep you warm or your home energy efficient if they are not used consistently or correctly. PowerView® removes the worry with automated control options that let you set your shades to open and close with scheduled precision. Plus, PowerView® is available in several insulating shades, including drapery and cellular shades.
  5. Layered Window Treatments: For ultimate winter window coverings, think layers. Layered window fashions have better insulation than individual shades used alone, and when combining two insulating designs like full drapery over cellular shades, that integrated insulation helps exponentially when it comes to creating consistent and comfortable home temperatures. You can even take that layered window treatment to the next level by adding the PowerView® system for elevated control on top of the enhanced insulation.

Insulating Shades near Anchorage, Alaska

Winter in Alaska hits harder than in any of the lower 48 states. Make sure your home is ready for the temperature-dropping season with window coverings for winter from Exciting Windows by Mini Blind King, located near Anchorage, Alaska. Our team at Exciting Windows can walk you through the options for insulating shades from Hunter Douglas that will help keep the Alaskan winter out of your home. Request a consultation today. Exciting Windows proudly serves Anchorage, Eagle River, and Girdwood, AK homeowners.