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Transform Your Space with Room Darkening Shades

While it's true that natural sunlight can have a transformative effect on your home interior, the same can also be said about its absence. Darkness can also be transformative in your home environment in surprising ways, from improving your sleep to lowering your heating bills. Let our team from Exciting Windows show you how darkness at home and room-darkening shades from Hunter Douglas can transform your Alaska home.

Darkened home media room with thick Hunter Douglas Duette® Cellular shades blocking light from the windows at Exciting Windows near Anchorage, AK

Transform Your Space with Room Darkening Window Treatments

  • Transforming Sleeping Areas: No matter where you hang your head to sleep, you need certain conditions. Sleep is best when it's dark, quiet, and calm. Room darkening shades help create that ideal sleeping atmosphere by controlling the amount of light entering your room, ensuring you can get enough sound sleep without interruption from sunlight or streetlamps.
  • Transforming your Living Spaces: Though there are many benefits to inviting natural sunlight into your home, from free lighting to health benefits, there can be drawbacks, too. Prolonged exposure to UV in sunlight can harm household items, and the blinding glare that direct sunlight can have can render living areas uncomfortable. Room darkening window treatments can help homeowners combat these adverse effects, making living room spaces comfortable any time of day and protecting your décor from fading.
  • Transforming your Home's Energy Efficiency: Room darkening window treatments can help control your home's energy use in two ways. First, they offer elevated light control, assisting homeowners in utilizing the free resource of natural sunlight. Second, they help with insulation, a key component to improving your home's overall energy efficiency because experts estimate as much as 30% of unwanted energy loss happens through unprotected windows. Between free light and better insulation, room-darkening window treatments can help reduce your home's energy consumption, resulting in monetary benefits like lower heating bills.

Our Favorite Hunter Douglas Room Darkening Shades

  • Cellular Shades: Duette® Cellular Shades with the LightLock® blackout system combine the insulating power of cellular shades with a blackout treatment to provide unparalleled darkness. They are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and specialty windows like skylights and sidelights.
  • Roman Shades: With a timeless aesthetic and the capacity to be tailored to suit individual style tastes, Vignette® Roman Shades are a sophisticated option for room darkening shades when upgraded with the innovative Duolite® system. The Duolite® system adds a back, room-darkening shade to the traditional Roman shade design, creating layers of light-blocking precision.
  • Shutters Under Drapery: By layering multiple window treatments in a single window fashion, homeowners can enjoy unmated room darkening capabilities as the layers each help to block light leaks from the other. One of the best pairings for room darkening shades is plantation shutters under lined drapery.

Room Darkening Shades near Anchorage, Alaska

At Exciting Windows, we're ready to help you explore the world of room-darkening window treatments by Hunter Douglas to find the ideal style for your home's needs. Whether you're looking for bedroom shades for better sleep or living room treatments that improve your home's energy efficiency, find them at our showroom location near Anchorage, Alaska, or request a consultation today. Exciting Windows serves Anchorage, Eagle River, and Girdwood, AK homeowners.