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Renew Your Bathtub

Create a stress-relieving retreat

Bathtubs mix aesthetics and purpose more than almost any other bathroom element. Many people include a bathtub in their design plans just for the look, but think about how a bathtub can transform your bathroom into a relaxing, stress-relieving retreat where you can have a long soak with candles, music and a soothing beverage.

Be creative as well as practical when selecting a bathtub for your home. You can select from many styles of tubs from the most traditional – even a refinished antique tub! – to the most contemporary, and everything in between. And you’ll want to focus on the fixtures, which come in a variety of beautiful styles and finishes.

A bathroom with a refinished antique tub. There are many styles of tubs to choose from – even a refinished antique tub!

Things to consider

Functionality plays a key part in your selection process. Does someone in your home have mobility issues, needing help to get in and out of the tub? Does your tub also need to function as a shower? Would you like a whirlpool feature to soothe aching muscles or arthritic joints?

In terms of beauty, bathtubs give you a unique opportunity to mix surfaces – porcelain, metal, stone, tile, wood and more. 

Tubs can be freestanding or have a surround of various materials. And plan for plenty of towel racks so towels are convenient to access and dry quickly.

A bathtub made from a mix of surfaces. Bathtubs give you a unique opportunity to mix surfaces.

Enhance your Bath with these additions

As far as additions to your bathtub design:

  • Position a tray across your bathtub to hold your soap, loofah, a book and a beverage

  • Display potted plants around the tub; choose plants that like the moisture

  • Add warmers in towel bars and under the floor

Enhance your relationship with your bathroom with a fabulous new tub!

A bathroom with a free-standing bathtub and potted plants. Enhance your bathroom with moisture-loving, potted plants.

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