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Add Comfort with an Easy Chair

Expand Your Lounging Options

The word “easy” in “easy chair” is just about the only description you need to understand the appeal of this comfy and cozy piece of furniture. In the stressful and busy lives most of us live, an easy chair is so important to lend spontaneity and comfort to a home.

You and your guests will gravitate toward an easy chair, and life just seems more relaxing and cozy once you’re settled in! That’s why so many people keep their easy chairs for way too long, even when they’re ragged, with split fabric, duct tape, and even sprung springs. Take a look and see if this applies to you. It may be long overdue for you to replace your easy chair or at least have it rebuilt and reupholstered.

Alt Text Life just seems more relaxing once you’re settled in an easy chair!

Functionality Comes First

Since the purpose of an easy chair is relaxation and comfort, it makes sense that choosing an easy chair is about functionality first.

Pick a chair that is comfy and deep, but not so deep that it swallows you. Also, make sure it’s not too big to fit into your room.

Think about what you plan to use the chair most for – reading, having a conversation or watching TV. Then make sure to test chairs when you shop.

Alt Text Pick a chair that is comfy, but not so deep that it swallows you.

style is important, too

Consider how a new chair will look and fit with your other furnishings. An easy chair may be the perfect place to add a bold new color, texture or pattern to a room. You can even use slipcovers to create a different look for various times of the year!

Many people love leather for easy chairs because of its supple feel and durability. Consider other easy-to-clean and long-wearing fabrics that are also comfortable and soft.

Life seems so much more effortless and enjoyable when you’re lounging in an easy chair. Add one to your home this year!

Alt Text Easy chairs are a good place to add a bold color to your décor.

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