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Inside- vs. Outside-Mounted Window Treatments

A quick look at the benefits of each

When it comes to new blinds or shades, in addition to choosing a style and color, you’ll also need to consider whether you want to mount your window treatments inside or outside the frame. 

With an inside mount, you’ll install your blind or shade within the window frame. An outside mount is just that—a blind or shade mounted outside the window frame—on the trim or above the window.  

Here’s a look at each.


Why choose inside mount?

  • An inside-mounted blind or shade delivers a clean, finished look that’s perfect for highlighting beautiful window trim.

  • Inside mount is also ideal if you have a deep sill that you use as a shelf for plants or objects. 

  • Inside mount works well when layering with drapes, because the mounting brackets won’t get in the way of the drapery rods. 

Keep in mind: You’ll need enough depth within the frame so that your window treatment doesn’t extend beyond it. Also note any handles or cranks on your window frame; depending how far they extend, an inside-mounted blind or shade may catch when lowered. In addition, you’ll have a small light gap on each side of the blind or shade to allow for smooth operation.


Why choose outside mount?

  • An outside-mounted window treatment is great for making a window look larger (you can hang the window treatment as high as you want) or hiding an unattractive trim. 

  • You don’t have to worry about blinds or shades fitting within the frame depth, if you have shallow windows.

  • When you raise your window treatment, you can take advantage of the entire view. 

  • When you close your blind or shade, it will cover the entire window—blocking more light than window treatments mounted inside the frame. 

Keep in mind: If you’re installing window treatments with blackout fabrics, you’ll definitely want to mount the blind or shades outside the frame, in order to block light from the sides of the windows.


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